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The yellow bell is on the beach south of your farm its off the road to Flute Fields It is called the rusty bell for now but it is the yellow bell. Take it to the harvest goddess to find out what to do next.

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Q: Where do you find the yellow bell on harvest moon animal parade?
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How do you soak the yellow bell in harvest moon animal parade?

Hold the Yellow Bell in your hand and stand on the special Moon Stones. There is one in Flute Fields, in Garmon Mine District, and one near the Lighthouse. It must be sunny out and at night.

Where are the bells on harvest moon animal parade?

Here are the locations of the 5 bells in harvest moon animal parade: Red Bell- On the 10th floor of the lower Garmon Mine Yellow Bell- On the beach between your farm and flute fields Blue Bell- In the Watery Cave Green Bell- The With has it but you go in the big windmill to start the green bell quest Purple Bell- in the room on the right side of Perry's podium when you walk into the church The purple bell can't be unlocked until you do all of the other four bells and the blue bell quest is a part of the green bell quest. -AriCharae

In harvest moon animal parade how do you get to the top of the mines?

You can get to the top mines after you finish the red bell quest which restores the fire of the land.

What is the key to the watery spring in harvest moon animal parade?

it is the key you need to unlock the entrance to the watery cave so you can find the blue bell (ben's bell) you get it from paolo

How do you ring the blue bell in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

Actually, I think the Blue Bell is the most complex >.< Here's a good explanation:

Where will you find Pascal on harvest moon animal parade?

You can not meet him until you ring the Blue Bell. After that you can find him, most of the time walking around the dock.

Do you have to get every bell to get married in harvest moon animal parade?

That depends on who you want to marry. Some people don't move to the Island until you ring a certain Bell. If you want to marry the Harvest Goddess or Harvest King you will need to ring all the Bells. It might be the same for the Wizard and Witch but I am not sure.

Where are the moonlight stones in animal parade?

Ok, there are 3 moonlight stones. They shine at night and they help restore Collin the Yellow sprite's power. That is for the Yellow Bell, in which you need to complete.

Do you need to start the green bell quest in order to meet Luke in harvest moon animal parade?

yes because if you wont you will never find out it.thanks for reading

Where is the Blue Bell in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

The Blue Bell is in the Watery Cave. To get into the Watery Cave you have to get the key to open the gates. To get the keys, talk to Paolo and he will give it to you. The Watery Caves is between the Wizard's house and the Choral Clinic.

I can't seem to find Phoebe in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

To find Phoebe, you have to chime the Red Bell to go to the Garmon Upper Mine. She is on the fifth floor of the Upper Mines.

How do you upgrade Horn Ranch to level 3 in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

You'll need to ship 50,000 G worth of animal products (eggs, milk, wool, silk, etc.) and ring the Green Bell.