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You have to find Ned, the old retired sailor who lives in a house in Draynor Village. Ask him what he can make using rope, and if you have rope (which you should), then ask him "Can you make a wig of some sort?" and B00M! you have a wig. You have to color it yellow, so go to the grand exchange and buy yellow dye.

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Q: Where do you find the wig for the prince ali quest in runescape?
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Where do you get the disguises in runescape for the prince ali quest?

u make them

How do you complete the rescue prince ali quest on runescape?

The following link below will redirect you to the RuneScape Wiki for a guide.

How many quests point do you get from prince ali rescue quest in runescape?

You will receive 3 Quest Points + 700Gp for completing this quest.

How can you find the wig prince ali rescu in runescape?

you can use or the quest helper on I'd choose zybez as with the runescape quest helper you only get so many hints. with's quest guides you can get the quest done in a very small amount of time.

How do you get Prince Ali Quest in Runescape?

this is a free quest and the rewards are good to start spak to hassan in al karid he will tell you all about it.

Who is prince Ali?

He is Prince Ali Baba from the fairy tale Aladdin. He is the prince of Al Kharid in Runescape.

Where can you get a wig on RuneScape?

from this guy in dranor you give him two pieces of wool and he makes you a wool but that's only for the Quest prince Ali rescue.

How do you finish prince ali rescue in runescape?

it is impossible to do it.

How do you go to al karid without paying in runescape?

to get into al karid either go around to the back entrance or finish the prince ali rescue quest

What color are Prince Ali's captor's clothes in runescape?

They are Pink Skirts.

How do you do the prince Ali quest?

I have posted you a link that may be useful below in the "Related Links" section. note: bring food to jail when u rescue prince ali because if u are lower than lvl 28, the jail guards may kill u if u have no food.

How do you copy key in runescape?

in the prince Ali rescue quest?, if so, you get soft clay and ask the girl to let u touch the key, then u get a mould and bring it to the guy that asks for the copy