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go to the fossil center go to ur left and go through the door follow the path hope i helped

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Q: Where do you find the underground lab on fossil fighters?
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Where do you get a fossil in Pokemon Crystal?

You can find fossils in the Underground Tunnels, or underground. Just dig for them as you would spheres.

Where do you find the cloning lab in Pokemon platinum?

if you mean the fossil resurection lab then it's in orebourgh town

How do you find the secret underground lab in aqw?

type "/join undergroundlab"

How do you get a kabuto on Pokemon Platinum?

You have to find a Dome Fossil in underground then return it in Oreburgh City Museum.If you have 6 Pokemon, you don't receive Kabuto.If you check your PC and Desposit your Pokemon,then you go back to Oreburgh Museum then talk to the man wearing the lab coat then, he will turn the Dome Fossil into a Level 20 Kabuto. !

What was the ONE fossil you focused on examining in the lab?


How do you evolve the jaw fossil?

In X and Y, The Fossils can be revived in the Fossil Lab in Ambrette Town. !!

How do you get to the secret dig site in fossil fighters?

there are two i think 1 is the ancient ruins :get Tarbo and T-rex rank 12 fight Rosie with them and go see Dr.Diggins. 2 is the underground mole cave: after chapter 8 you go to Rivet Ravine and go into Cave tunnel four then when you find a spot that goes four directions with a VMM go up then left use th ladder to go into the cave where you can find Brachio, Tricera, Nodo, Zino, Megath, and Chelon. Hope This Helps!

What do spheres do in Pokemon Platinum?

you go underground and find a hiker he will ask for a trade and if you buy a digger drill you can get a base.NOTE:if you find a fossil bring it to the surface and go to oreburgh and go to the muesum and talk to the guy in a white lab coat THEN go to your PC and deposite on of your Pokemon go to the meusem and talk to him again and boom you got a new Pokemon!!!

How do you make a armor to wear on aqw?

in the secret underground lab

How do you get kabuto?

Obtain a dome fossil and bring it to the lab on Cinnabar Island

Where is Albert Einstein's lab?

secret unknown place called underground.

What is the dome fossil in Pokemon FireRed?

If taken to cinnbar island's research lab you can revive the Pokemon inside the fossil which will be Kabuto.