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The Spa is called Sharma Day Spa and it should be by the office tower, police station, restruant, basicly like the "town center"

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Q: Where do you find the spa in the sims 3?
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How do you get a promotion on sims 3 at the spa?

The part-time job at the spa is a job that does not have promotions, however you can earn pay raises.

How do you buy a spa in sims3?

There are no spas or hot tubs in Sims 3 yet

Is there a spa for pets in sims 2 pets?

no i dont think there is a spa for my sims 2 pets.

How do you get a massage on sims 3?

You can buy one at the spa building however you can't see it.

How can your Sim buy a spa in Sims 3?

Firstly your Sim must go to Town Map > Spa > Become Partner. Then, if you wish they can buy out the Spa by going to Town Map > Spa > Take Over Business. This will allow them to own the spa. They can collect their profits once a week from the spa, and, if you wish, rename the Spa.

Where is the spa in sims 3 pets?

The location of the Spa will vary depending on which world you are playing in. Check the downtown area of whichever world you chose. **Note**Some worlds do not have a Spa. You can place a pre-built Spa in town manually, though.

Where is a spa in Sims 3 Wii?

Sorry, there are simpily no spas. They just want a massage from another sim!

How do can you find downloads for the Sims 3?

you can find some on the sims 3 website or you can go to modthesims2 dot com to find downloads for the sims 2 and 3

How do you get the washing machines on the Sims 3?

well you have to buy it on The Sims 3 store OR you can find them with the sims 3 ambitions because it comes with it.

Where on Sims 3 do you find a photobooth?

You need The Sims 3 Showtime.

How do you make sims unblurred on Sims 3?

You can buy the nude mod or you can find it in the sims 3 exchange.

How do you get a hot spa in the sims 2?

cheat codes