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One of the maps is in Theif V's Hideout



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Q: Where do you find the maps for Gino on MySims Agents?
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What do you do after fixing the pizzeria in MySims Agents?

First you tell Gino that the pizza oven is fixed. Then you try and locate the maps that are in the trashcan outside of the park wall, and the other two are in the forest trashcans. You tell Gino then try to find out who did it in the first place.

In mysims kingdom what are Buddys tasks?

With his pigeon, he can interact with the king, and he has to if you want to get new maps and recipe scrolls

How do you complete the mission the stolen maps as your first missoin or shirlys secret admirer in my sims agents?

find out on there you will get the right answer(s).

Why do travel agents use maps?

tourists use maps to navigate to different towns and places to tour

How do you get the secret map on My Sims Agents?

The lab map is very rare and can only be found when you go exploring. In the shop wizard, the maps they sell have high prices. Tip: If you ever find a piece of the map, but you don't want it, you should sell it for a high price, say, like 10000.

Where can one find a Brussels map?

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Where could one find american family insurance agents in South America?

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How do you get a map to go to places?

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Where are ginos maps in your sims agents?

In the trash cans. Except one, because bad people have it.

How do you beat the case of ginos stolen maps collection in my sims agents on wii?

The maps themselves are located in different trash cans around the map. One is in the trashcan in the pizzeria (next to the counter by the door). Another is in the large, square one to the left of the park entrance. The last one is in a large, square trashcan, the first one that you come across when you come into the forest through the tunnel in the park.The actual process is, basically, as follows:Talk to Gino when he has the exclamation point over her head; this is before you recruit Travis.Accept the case he offers you.Question Shirley, Patrick, and Derek.Inspect the pizzeria oven; you will need extra parts to fix it so you can examine it.Collect the parts (from the small oven to the right of the stove, the candy machine, and/or the safe).Fix the oven.You find out that the fire was caused by lack of ventilation; go ask Gino about this.He tells you that the chimneys shouldn't have a problem, and that you can get to them by climbing the ladder behind the pizzeria.Climb the ladder to the roof and inspect the three chimneys.There's a baseball stuck in one of them; interview the suspects about this.You will find out that Derek planted the baseball there so he could get the maps; go talk to him about this.Search for the maps.Report back to Gino to close the case.

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