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gold teeth in Pokemon fireredsafari zone in that last area with the mystery house. as soon as you enter it go down
you have to start over
deep in the safari zone
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Q: Where do you find the gold teeth on Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you find gold teeth on Pokemon sapphire?

gold teeth is not something you can obtain in sapphire only in firered and leafgreen.

How do you get strenght in pokemon firered?

Find the warden's gold teeth in the safari zone then give them to him.

What does the warden on Pokemon firered want you to do?

he want you to get the gold teeth that you can find in the safari zone. good luck!

In Pokemon FireRed were do you find strength?

you need to get the gold teeth, which is in the Safari Zone in area 3. After you get the teeth, take it to the warden, which is to the right of the Pokemon center. Give it to him and he will give you HM04, "strength."

Where to get the hm move strength in Pokemon firered?

The Safari warden in Fuschia City will give it to you after you find his Gold Teeth in the Safari Zone.

What are you doing with warden gold teeth in Pokemon FireRed?

If you give the warden his teeth back you get HM04 which contains Strength.

Where to get hm 04 in Pokemon FireRed?

Find the Gold teeth in the safari zone. Go talk to the Warden (right of the Pokemon Center) and he will give you hm 04- strength.

What do you do after you get the gold teeth in Pokemon FireRed?

Give it to the old man right next to the Pokemon center in fucshia city

What are the directions in Pokemon FireRed to get strength and the gold teeth?

you have to go to the safari zone in fushica and find the gold teeth in there somwhere. just keep looking and you will find them, then you take them to the old man in the bottom right corner of the city. you give him his teeth and he will give you the strength HM

Where do you find strengt in FireRed?

find the gold teeth in the safari zone, give them to the old man in the house to the right of the fuscia city pokemon center and he will give you strength

Where to get strenghth in Pokemon FireRed?

You get it from the safari zone warden in fuchsia city after you give him his gold teeth.

How do you get strenth in pokemon firered?

go to the safari zone and collect the itemball that has the gold teeth in it and give it to the warden