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Not entirely 100% on this but you go speak to someone in a house to the right of the gym on cianwood island and they'll want you to do something for it i think

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Q: Where do you find the fly hm in Pokemon gold?
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Where to find the fly hm in Pokemon gold?

to get Hm2(fly) you talk to Chuck's wife after you beat him.

Where can you got the hm fly in Pokemon gold version?

Answer the hm fly is in the town below the lighthouse. Answer the hm fly is in the town below the lighthouse.

Pokemon platinum where to find hm fly?

at the city of the Pokemon league

Where can you find fly on Pokemon soul silver?

You don't you have to use an Hm on a Pokemon

Where to get the HM fly in Pokemon gold?

beat 5th gym leader then talk to his wife

Hm fly where do you find it in gold and silver?

When you defeat chuck in cianwood talk to the woman outside the gym and she will give you the fly HM

How do you get HM Waterfall in Pokemon Gold?

You can find it in the Dark Cave.

Where do you get the Fly HM in Pokemon Red Rescue Team?

To get the Fly HM, bring a Key to Floor 29 or 30, then find a lock to open. The HM should be inside.

Where do you get the fly hm in Pokemon Gold?

Once you defeat Chuck talk the lady in front of the Gym and she'll give you Fly.

When does pidgeoto learn fly?

in any Pokemon game, a Pokemon can't learn fly without an HM. as you progress in any Pokemon game, someone will give you an HM or you will find it. there are other moves that are also only able to be obtained by an HM (fly, surf, cut .etc.)

Why wont your Rayquaza forget fly?

fly is an HM and no Pokemon can forget an HM.

Where do you get the HM fly on pokemon diamond?

Just after you defeat the Grunts at the Veilstone City, there's a warehouse behind it.Enter the warehouse to find HM Fly.