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You can find the boot disk under the couch in the room with the computer. While their you will also find a paper clip, it will come in handy, so take it. I'm not telling you anything else so your welcome!

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Q: Where do you find the boot disk in mission 3 in club penguin?
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Where can you find the boot disk on club penguin?

if your asking about the mission its under the orange couch in the mission on club penguin

How can you get the boot disk on club penguin?

in the case of the missing coins mission go to the couch in the manger's office and click under it. collect the paper clip used to shut off the magnet on the roof and grab the flat disk (boot disk).

How do you get the boot disk on club penguin?

Look under a sofa for starters. When you're on play the game. It's fun!

How do you clean the disk for club penguin mission?

IN the Lighthouse there is some cleaning stuff near the stage you use that by clicking on it then clicking the disk

What do you do with the boot disk in club penguin?

The boot disk is under the sofa in the top floor of the gift shop.

What is the combination on Club Penguin for a misson?

Mission 3? Oh, it changes every time. Upstairs in the giftshop, look under the couch and pick up the two things. Put the boot disk in the computer and there will be the combination in there.

What is the code for the metal door on club penguin?

You use the boot disk under the sofa and put it in the computer. it changes each time.

Where is boot disk in Club Penguin?

Go upstairs in the gift shop. Look under the orange sofa. You will also find a paper clip.

What is the code for the code for the vault in club penguin?

go upstairs to the officego under the sofaget the boot disk and paper clip (the paper clip is for breaking the magnet on the roof)click on the computerput the boot disk into the slotclick on vault keyremember that number!

Where are the discs in club penguin in the mission vegetable villain?

The disk is under the piano at the light house. However the disk is dirty so you need to get the cleaner from the left of the stage.

What is the combination in the mission 'Case of the Missing Coins' on Club Penguin?

Well, you go to the office room and look under the sofa and get disk and paperclip insert disk into computer.

Where is Gary's book disk at on club penguin?

there is no book disk