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you get it from your mum after you talk to her 100 times in a row:)

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Q: Where do you find the TM mean look in Pokemon platinum?
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Where to find the hm move mean look in Pokemon platinum?

There is no "HM" mean look.

Where can you find the TM Mean Look in Pokemon Platinum?

Mean Look is not a TM in any of the Pokemon games. It is a move that can be learned by Pokemon such as Golbat, and Crobat.

Where is the best place to find Pokemon on level 5 in Pokemon platinum?

look around twinleaf, and by that i mean look in the patches of grass

Where do you find a Pokemon that knows mean look in platinum?

Try Golbat. They're everywhere.

Where can you get the Pokemon that has mean look in Pokemon Platinum?

Go to most caves and you can find a Zubat or Golbat which usually have that ability.

Where to find TM mean look on Pokemon platinum?

Nowhere. Mean Look isn't a TM, HM or Move Tutor move, and can only be learned by levelling up the right Pokemon or by breeding. You Can also find some Pokemon with the move mean look like medicam.

When you look at the description of a egg in Pokemon platinum what does it mean when it says a mysterious Pokemon?

a random Pokemon will hatch

Were do you find electrakid in Pokemon platinum?

if you mean elekid, you breed electabuzz found on the rpute before sunyshore in platinum in d/p you insert firered in your ds and look for it in valley windworks

How do you find a magmabooster on Pokemon Platinum?

Do you mean the magmatriezer, it's at your house.

Can you get mean look on Pokemon platinum?

No U Cant an less you use a modifier

At what level does Duskull learn mean look in Pokemon Platinum?

Lv 38

How do you catch fleeing Pokemon in platinum without a quick claw?

Use a Pokemon with mean look, or use a Pokemon with a trap ability.