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Sugar canes are naturally found on dirt and grass next to the water.

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Q: Where do you find sugar cane in Minecraft?
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How do you find sugar cane in Minecraft?

sugar cane is found by water (but not really in the water by the snow

How do you make paper in Minecraft?

You find sugar cane which is found by water and put it on a crafting table like this SSS S=Sugar cane

How do you get sugar canes in minecraft?

you have to find sugar cane witch is always near water and then destroy it and replant it.

What can you grow in Minecraft?

You can grow: Mushrooms Trees Sugar Cane Wheat

How do you craft paper in minecraft?

how to make paperS standing for sugar cane on the crafting bench at the bottom row put them in this configuration. B standing for blank.BBBBBBSSSThree sugar cane in a line so the -'s are sugar cane ---You need 3 sugar cane,then go to a crafting table

How do you plant sugar cane in Minecraft?

Get sugar cane seed things and place them right near water. They wont grow 1 or more blocks away.

Why is your sugar cane not growing in minecraft 1.1.0?

You need light, water, soil, and patience.

How long does it take sugar cane to grow on minecraft pe?

it is random but it grows faster on sand

How you plant sugar cane in minecraft?

Right click it near water, wait, and it'll grow.

Where do you find surger in Minecraft?

Find the reeds (the bamboo looking plant). Cut it and you'll get sugar canes. Then, you can craft it with a crafting table. Put one sugar cane on the 3rd row of the crafting table square, in the 2nd column.

Is Sugar Cane the Same as Cane Sugar?

Sugar cane refers to the tall grass plant from which sugar is extracted. Cane sugar, on the other hand, is the crystallized sugar that is processed and refined from sugar cane. In short, sugar cane is the raw plant, while cane sugar is the refined product.

How do you plant a sugar cane on minecraft?

1st: Find Wild Sugar Cane 2nd: Pick up the Sugar Can 3rd: Build a Farm with every dirt piece touching water 4th: Do NOT hoe the dirt 5th: Hold the Sugar Cane 6th: Go into your Farm 7th: Right Click any piece of dirt with the sugar cane 8th: Wait..... (Or put Bone Meal on it) 9th: Destroy the grown Sugar Cane 10th: Congradulations, make what you want with your sugar cane (Ex: Paper, Books, Enchanting Table, Bookshelf, Sugar, Cake, Cookie, Fermented Spider Eye, Potion of Swiftness, Map, And-Or Book&Quill)