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in the grass maps. I found a shaymin sky there. But you have beat all the gyms and the elite four for each region.

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Q: Where do you find shaymin in Pokemon Vortex?
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Where can you find a feebas in pokemon vortex?

you will find feebas in the water of grass maps in pokemon vortex

Where do you find a shaymin in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Shaymin cannot be found in Soul Silver.

How do you get shaymin on pokemon platnium?

You find shaymin in the flower of paradise. once you get there shaymin will be at level 30. good luck

How you can find money in Pokemon Vortex?

just battle with a Pokemon

Where can you find the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Vortex?

Acshoin replay

Can you recruit shaymin in Pokemon dungeon 2?

Shaymin and Arceus are the only two Pokemon you cannot find or recruit. You can find every Pokemon from Bulbasaur to Darkrai, but not those two.

Where do you find beldum in Pokemon Vortex?

you will find beldum in the cave

Where can you find a Reshiram in Pokemon Vortex?

You find him in map 18.

How do you find shaymin in Pokemon Soul Silver?

The only way to obtain a Shaymin is to have someone trade it to you.

Where can you find shaymin in Pokemon crater?

on Route 24

Where is luvdisc in Pokemon platinum?

in the water by were you can find shaymin

Where do you find a riolu in Pokemon Vortex?

In the grass area