Where do you find secret slab?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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hi guys if you want to find the secret slab go to lake afar on the 888 floor youl see it i am not lying ok so i love you guys call me ok na shut up ok losers dont look at this weird question.

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Q: Where do you find secret slab?
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What does secret slab do in explorers of sky?

the secret slab lets you find certain legendary Pokemon in cetain floors of a dungeon. for example, with a secret slab you can find darkrai on floor 3 of the miracle sea.

How do you get secret slab in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of time?

sometimes on a mission, it will say to explore with the client to find a secret slab, so when you complete the job you get to keep the secret slab or you can just put in wondermail codes to obtain it.

How do you activate the secret slab?

you don't activate the secret slab the purpose of the secret slab is to summon legendaries in certain dungeons

How do you get the secret slab in explorers of time?

On the job list board u mite get a job askin if u can go find a secret slab. u get 2 keep it

How do you get stoneplate or enigma piece?

2 get secret slab or enigma piece u need 2 find a mission that says reward:secret slab/enigma piece or mission objective: find secret slab/enigma piece.These missions can be found at spinda cafe,in a message in a bottle or on the job bulletin board.

What do you do with secret slab on explorers of time?

If you get a mission with someone who wants to find it with you, you can get one in the dungeon.

How do you get a secret slab in explorers of time?

Obtain a mission that allows or has a reward that involves getting a secret slab.

What is the secret slab on Pokemon explorers of time?

The secret slab enables you to meet legendary Pokemon after you reach the marine resort.

Where can you find a secret slab in explorers of sky?

The same way from time and darkness. Either wait for the job board to have a mission to find it with a certain pokemon, or use a wonder mail code. Also, the mystery part has the same effect as the secret slab and is found the same way

How do you find Darkrai on darkness?

he will show up in the final maze but you need a mystery part and a secret slab

Do you need to hold secret slab to make Celebi appear?

i indeed did get celebi once getting secret slab and it will be a shiny celebi

In Explorers of Darkness what is the Mystery Part and the Secret Slab for?

the secret,slab and mistry part are 2 itoms that make speshel Pokemon apper in dongens like surrouned sea B18F you find lugia as long as you have on of the 2 itoms in your bag.