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Uh.. not sure what you mean by "vidios" but in order to find latios in ruby, you have to defeat the Elite 4 first. After that, latios will be unlocked. However, you can't find him. Instead, you'll bump into him randomly whenever you're walking in the grass.

Be prepared. When you bump into him, he will flee if you try to attack so it's best to use your master ball.

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Q: Where do you find latios in Pokemon ruby vidios?
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What Pokemon pack has a latios?

You can find Latios on Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, and SoulSilver.

Where can you find latias in Pokemon Ruby?

Latiasyou cant find latias in Pokemon ruby you can only find it in sapphire. in Pokemon ruby you get latios no, you get latias in ruby and latios in sapphire because of the colour, Latias is red means ruby,latios is blue so means sapphire. your right above me but you got it mixed up. No its latias in sapphire and latios in ruby trust me i took forever trying to catch latias in sapphire and i finally did.

Where do you get latios in ruby?

As soon as you defeat the Pokemon league, you can find Latios roaming around in the wild. You can also get Latias in Pokemon Sapphire.

What Pokemon are inlusive to Pokemon Ruby?


How do you get rare Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

fight to the sky tower for rayqazza find latios or latias

How do you get latios in Pokemon collesium?

Latios can be traded to Colosseum from Ruby, or Emerald.

What is the name of the Pokemon number 197 on Pokemon ruby?

latios is Pokemon number 197 in ruby

What is after Latios on the Pokedex in Pokemon Ruby?

After Latios comes Kyogre, the legendary Pokemon for Sapphire Version.

Is latios in pokemon saphire?

Latios isn't in Pokémon Sapphire, but Latias is. Latias is in Pokémon Ruby! However, you can trade Latios from Pokémon Ruby to get it.

When do you get latios in Pokemon Ruby?

trade from silver

What Next If you get Latios In Pokemon Ruby?

Migrate it!

How do you get lati?

you get latios on Pokemon ruby, latias on Pokemon sapphire!!