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the only way to catch it to evolve Abra on level 16 and you have to trade it to get alakazam

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Q: Where do you find kadabra in Pokemon emerald?
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Which level do you get kadabra in Pokemon emerald?

Abra evolves into Kadabra at Lv. 16.

How do you evolve kadabra in Pokemon emerald?

Kadabra evolves when you trade it to another person

What does kadabra evolve in to on Pokemon Emerald?

it evolves into alakazam. but you have to trade with a friend

When does kadabra evolve in Pokemon emerald?

you have to trade to make it evolve into a alaksam

What level does Kadabra elvove to Alakazam Pokemon emerald?

Kadabra will only evolve into Alakazam when you trade it (No held item required).

Pokemon emerald how to evolve kadabra?

trade it with something or you can use a moon stone on it.

How do you get Alakazam in Pokemon Emerald?

trade someone a kadabra and trade should evolve unless it has a everstone on it.

When do you get a alakazam in Pokemon emerald?

you have to trade your kadabra with another game, either ruby or sapphire.

Will a Kadabra evolve if I trade it to Pokemon Colosseum from Pokemon Emerald?

Yes, it should work. I evolved my Graveler that way.

What area can you find Alakazam in Pokemon emerald?

it cant you have to trade a kadabra to get an alakazam i think he means where do u find it so u can put it in the pokedex like in a match

Which level will kadabra evolve in Pokemon emerald?

It can be at any level, it evolves once you trade it with someone.

How do you get kadabra to evolve without trading in Pokemon emerald?

there is no possible way to make him evolve with out trading. you have to trade to make kadabra, haunter, and many others to evolve