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Routes 8, 36, and 37 (Day)

It is very common, but useless in terms of HM. It won't learn any until it evolves into an arcanine.

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Q: Where do you find growlithe on Pokemon Crystal?
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How do you het Growlithe in Pokemon Crystal?

You can find it on Routes 8, 36 and 37.

What lvl does growlithe learn flamewheel pokemon crystal?


When does growlithe learn ember pokemon crystal version?


Can you catch growlithe at night in Pokemon Crystal?

Nope. Gold, Silver, and Crystal introduced the aspect of certain Pokemon available at only certain times of day. Growlithe is one that is only in the day

How do you evolve growlithe in Pokemon Crystal?

You will need to use a Fire Stone on Growlithe in order for it to evolve, it will evolve into Arcanine.

Where do you find a growlithe?

You can find a Growlithe in the Pokemon mansion. This is in FireRed only.

Where do you find vulpix in Pokemon gold silver and crystal?

On Silver you can find it in bushes near the Sudowoodo spot. On Gold it's nowhere (Growlithe takes its place). Not sure about Crystal, sorry.

Where can you find fire Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal version?

one of the only and the best fire pokemon you get on pokemon crystal is Growlithe, because when you evolve it with a fire stone it evolves into Arcanine, which is pretty tough. but remember to evolve it after growlithe turns to level 34, after it learns flame wheel. and also remember that you cant evolve it without a fire stone! :)

Where do you find growlithe in Pokemon indigo?

The answer is: you can find a Growlithe in one of a person's rooms or use the "pokemon locator" and find 'Growlithe' and click on that if it doesn't come up there is no Growlithes available

Can you find Growlithe in Pokemon Pearl?

up your but

Where do you find a growlithe in Pokemon Ranger?

You can find a Growlithe in the Dusk Factory in Pokemon Ranger!

What other Pokemon besides the lickatung do you need to show bills grandfather on Pokemon crystal?

Growlithe, Staryu, Oddish, Pichu