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Go to the sprout tower in violet city at 9pm or 20:00 Ghastly will then appear frequently the only move it knows is lick it will evolve at lv 25

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Q: Where do you find ghastly in soul silver?
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In safari zone what area is ghastly on soul silver?

It is in the forest area of it but you also have to ctach it at night.

Where do you catch ghastly in soul silver?

Well, im not sure about higher levels but you can catch a gastly at the burned tower in Ecruteak. hope i helped.

How do you get latios not to flee in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Get a Pokemon that has the move mean look. Mean Look prevents the opponents Pokemon from leaving. Try getting a ghastly

Where can you find regirock in soul silver?

you can not get regirock in soul silver but in platinum you can in a special event.

Where to find the silver apricorn in soul silver?

there isn't

Where do you find teddiersa on soul silver?

Mt. Silver.

Where to find a poliwhirl in soul silver?

MT. Silver

Where do you find the silver Apricorn in soul silver?

Answer:There are no Silver Apricorns.

Where can you find a vulpix?

Soul Silver: route 36 Heart Gold: trade with Soul Silver

Where to find deoxys in soul silver?

You can not. There is no possible way of getting a Deoxy's in Pokemon Soul Silver.

Where can you find part of a generator on soul silver?

You find it in M.T Silver Cave

Where do you find moltres on Pokemon soul silver?

You find Moltres in Mt. Silver.