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Dustox can be found in Eterna Forest. it can also be found by battling these two bug catchers

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Q: Where do you find dustox in Pokemon platinum?
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Where can you find a trainer who dustox in Pokemon platinum?

You can find a dustox in eterna forest and there is also a trainer with dustox there too.

Where is dustox in Pokemon platinum?

you can find it in the survival area

Where can you find dustox in Pokemon platinum?

You are able to get Dustox by evolving Cascoon. Wurmple-Silcoon-Beautifly Wurmple-Cascoon-Dustox

What is Pokemon 52 in Pokemon Platinum?


Where do you get dustox in Pokemon platinum?

Eterna forest

WHich Pokemon is number 52 in platinum?


What trainer has dustox in pokemon platinum?

I think that Team Galactic's members usually have Dustox.

Where do you see a dustox in platinum?

you can find dustox above the resort area in the grass

What is number 52 pokedex Pokemon platinum?

I think it's Dustox

What Pokemon do you find in Pokemon platinum in eterna forest?

budew, buneary, bidoof, wurmple, kriketot, hoothoot, silcoon, cascoon, gastly, beautifly, dustox

How can you get dustox in Pokemon platinum without a national pokedex?

eterna forest 10%

What does tropius evolve from?

Believe it or not troipus is an evolution from DUSTOX you need a special evolvment stone that you will rarely find in Pokemon platinum [ i don't know where to find it ]