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Coelo is in BB Base

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Q: Where do you find coleo in fossil fighters?
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How do you find the Ingo fossil on Fossil Fighters?

Igno is a king trye from fossil fighters champino

Where do you find sachian in fossil fighters?

If you meant Saichan, then Mt. Lavaflow in the regular Fossil Fighters. I'm not sure about Fossil Fighters: Champions.

Where you can find Shoni arms in fossil fighters?

how to get shoni arms in fossil fighters ds

Where do you find the frigisaur fossil on fossil fighters?

in the sea

Where to find fossil chips in fossil fighters?

you buy it at the fossil guild

Where can you find kentros fossil in fossil fighters?

In bb base

Where do you find a Styraco fossil on Fossil Fighters?

At the BB Base

Where do you find hypsi skull fossil in fossil fighters?

Rivet Riven

Where do you find a paraloph head fossil in fossil fighters?

in rivet ravine

Can you transfer your dinosaurs from Fossil Fighters to Fossil Fighters Champions?

No but you can send fossils from fossil fighters to fossil fighters champions.

Where do you find dilopho in Fossil Fighters?

you buy it

Where do you find mihu in fossil fighters?

you find him in patchment desert