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I saw a Fire Stone in Fiery Path but you will have a strength to move the boulder

You can also trade a red shard to the Hunter so you can have a fire stone

The hunter can where be found?


The hunter can be found outside of mossdeep city on a house on one of the near island to the left he will give you leaf stones for green shards thunder stones for yellow shards fire stones for red shards and water stones for blue shards you can catch Pokemon underwater or hunt for a long time with hidden ones (also underwater) and turn them in hope it helped.

You can also ask a guy in the space center in mossdeep city he will give one to you

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Q: Where do you find a fire stone on Pokemon emerald?
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Where is a firestone in Pokemon emerald?

You can find a Fire Stone in the Fiery Path after you get the HM for Strength.

How do you get flarion in Pokemon emerald?

get eevee and use a fire stone

What level does vulpix evolve in Pokemon emerald?

Use a Fire Stone!

What do you do with the fire stone in Pokemon emerald?

use it on a Vulpix, Eevee or growlithe

How do you evolve a vulpix in Pokemon emerald?

Use a fire stone on Vulpix.

How do you get fire stone in Pokemon emerald?

go to the tunnel next to lavaridge town and use the strenght hm to move the boulders and go south to find a poke ball with a fire stone

How do you use fire stone in pokemon emerald?

Once you find a pokemon of the fire type which has something to evolve into, (like a numel or torchic or something) you then go into the items pocket in your bag, select the fire stone, and click use. It will then go to the screen with your party of pokemon. Select the fire pokemon mentioned earlier, and it'll evolve.

Where do you find flareon in emerald?

get eeve and use a fire stone

How do you evolve gloom to belossom in Pokemon emerald?

fire stone or sun stone. i forgot what its called

Where do you get a fire stone in Pokemon emerald?

you can get a fire stone by moving the rock in fiery path but you have to have hm strength. Also you can trade a red shard for a fire stone to the hunter near mossdeep.

Where do you get the fire emblem in pokemon emerald?

Fire Emblem is not in Pokemon Emerald.

How do you get a sun-stone in Pokemon sappire?

you can only trade a sun stone with someone who has fire red, leaf green, or emerald.