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First you have to go into Dragon's den behind the eighth gym in jhoto. go down the latter and into the water. Surf around and a wild dratini will show up.

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Q: Where do you find a dratini on Pokemon silver?
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How do you get a dratini in silver?

Dratini in Pokemon Silver can be found in the Dragon's Den or on Route 45.

Where do you find dratini on Pokemon Silver?

Dratini can be found in the Dragon's Den and you can get one in the Goldenrod City Game Corner for 2100 coins.

Where can you catch a dratini Pokemon soul silver?

In johto!

Can you get a dratini in Pokemon Yellow?

yes, you can find dratini in the safari zone

Where do you get dratini in Pokemon Vortex?

in 1 of the water maps you will find a dratini.

Can you find a dratini in Pokemon ruby?


How do you get dratini in Pokemon Crystal?

In Pokemon Crystal you can find Dratini in Dragon's Den and Route 45. To find and catch Dratini you will need to use the Good Rod or Super Rod.

Were to find dratini in Pokemon black 2?

Dratini can be found in Dragonspiral Tower.

How do you get a dratini that knows extreme speed in Pokemon soul silver?


How do you find Dragonair in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Im sorry but the only way your going to get one is from evolving it from a dratini you can get a dratini by getting it at that game place thing or you can get it by surfing in dragons den (located at blackthorn city)

Where can you find the legend of Dratini?

Try the game Soul silver then get to the 8th badge it has stuff about dratini (what a bizzare question)

How do you get the Dratini in the Dragon's Den in Pokemon?

In Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Heart Gold, and Pokemon Soul Silver, you can obtain a free Dratini in the Dragon's Den in Blackthorn City after defeating Clair, the Gym Leader of Blackthorn who uses Dragon-types. There is a building inside the Den where you will find a small group of elders. The head elder will ask you questions if you approach him; after they are answered, he will give you a Dratini with no strings attached. It will know Thunder Wave, Twister, and Dragon Rage. One more thing: if you answer the elder's questions with compassionate responses, your Dratini will know Extremespeed as its fourth move. If not, its fourth move will be Leer.