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u needed to go to Mt. Silver and go left there ,u use a itemfinder to get it........

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Q: Where do you find TM Dragon Claw in Pokemon Soul Silver?
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Where is TM02 dragon claw on soul silver?

TM02 Dragon Claw is on Route 27.

Where can you get the TM dragon dance in Pokemon soul silver?

There is no TM Dragon Drance

How do you get a quick claw on Pokemon soul silver?

You get it from the person with the Persian in the NationalPark (She's on the bench)

How do you get Dragonite in Pokemon Soul Silver?

go to the dragon den

What kills dragon type soul silver?

Ice type Pokemon can.

What level does sneasle evolve at in Pokemon soul silver?

Level it up at night holding razor claw

Where do you get the TM shadow claw in Pokemon soul silver?

you can get shadow claw on the goldenrod lottery on mondays as first price. and at route 42. hope this helps!

Where do you find dragon palse in Pokemon soul silver?

if u have Pokemon platinum then just trade a Pokemon from your platinum version holding dragon palse.

How do you evolve dragon air in Pokemon soul silver?

lvl it up to 55

How do you get dragon pulse on Pokemon soul silver?

you win it from the8th gym leader

How Do You Get Inside The Dragon's Den In Pokemon Soul Silver?

In the original Pokemon Silver you had to beat the 8th gym leader, Claire, then she allowed you to pass.

Where do you find a dragon scale in Pokemon soul silver?

You can get it by going to the pokeatolon point shop.