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when you log in the site asks for your username password, and under that there should be a place that lets you put your virtual item code. try this code: HOBBIDIDANCE

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Q: Where do you enter the code for a free virtual item at moshimonsters?
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Is there a code to get a free membership to moshimonsters?

yes go on

Is there a code on moshimonsters which gets you free rocks?

yes you type in code : FT5RYG4TF7RFIJVU

How can you get free rox on moshimonsters?

well get the moshimonsters magazine and you can get codes to get free rox.

Are they any free virtual games for kids?

Yes Like roblox habbo bllockland MW3 Moshimonsters club pengun so on atm

How will you get your free virtual item from moshi monsters?

You should receive a code for the free virtual item.Type in the code correctly with no mistakes in the box third from above on the 'Moshi Monsters - Sign In' page, where it says "If you have a secret code, you can enter it here: " When you reach your house, open up the inventory/treasure chest to find the item.

How do i become a member for free on moshimonsters without a code or credit card?

I can help search on google how do you get mebership on moshi monsters it will show you codes they are the ones you pay for go and pick your price package and selectet your country then when the page says pay now thhendont press that press under the enter code botton enter in your code wala your a member

What is the to be a member for free?


How do you get disco animated floor mopod codes?

you enter a secret code on moshi monsters and then sign in and then you go to your inventory and find a free virtual item! cool huh?

Where do you use babv codes?

Go to town square, go into the virtual buildabearworkshop store, click on the bear behind the counter, click on the sentence that says," Enter a web code for you FREE gift?". Then type in the code.

Are there games that are clubs online that are free?

Moshimonsters may be free.

How do you cheat on moshimonsters?

You can't properly 'cheat' on moshimonsters but there are codes and combinations to get you moshlings and free items for your room.

Where do you enter your naughty bear free costume code?

where do you enter your naughty bear free costume