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you go to met moshi monsters up coins to get more coins

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Q: Where do you download MySQL database configuration for maplestory v83 private server?
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How do you get private server in Maplestory?

Download it.

What is a good Maplestory private server with no download?

There is no MapleStory private server without download. If you want to play a game without download, chose a small game so you don't have to wait a few hours for the game to start.

I downloaded a Maplestory private server but now i can't play regular Maplestory when i download it why can't i?

because you have a different version of maplestory, if you want to play the original maplestory you have to get the latest version

Were to download Maplestory other than nexon?

Well, you could play on private servers on here:

How do you download BankaiStory MapleStory v55 Private Server on Windows Vista?

On Bankaistory's website, there should be instructions that tell you how to download and install.

What are some Fun Maplestory private servers?

Sydney MapleStory is a good private server.

How do you start a Maplestory v62 private server?

Type "MapleStory Private Servers" into Google and click ultimatetop200, extremetop100, and the like. The individual servers usually have a reference to the server's version download. DO NOT run Maplestory.exe. Run the private server's .exe file only. Private servers for maplestory have not been taken away yet. On September 1, 2009 private servers on ultimatetop200 work. extremetop100 does not have maplestory private servers anymore, as they have been shut down by Nexon. No one is responsible for your actions except yourself. Play in private servers at your own risk.

How do i get Maplestory Private Server?

Go to or just go to google and search ti up you will find some places to go a good private server to download or to make.

Do you need Maplestory to download private server?

No, but you need the patch versions, like for example if a PS is v62, you need to either get v62 from somewhere or.....there's a link on he private server's website.

Where can you download Maplestory v62 Sea?

An easy way is to look at the Maple Sea v62 private servers. And 99% of the time they have that version up on their site.

What is a good Maplestory v55 private server where you can hack?

maplestory private servers are illegal, and usually have keyloggers and virus's in them, i suggest you don't look for them

How do you hack a Maplestory private server sql database to make me a gm?

doing so would mean hacking into the server host's computer which is illegal although you probably already knew that.