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You can catch them in Viridian Forest as well as the Power Plant

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Q: Where do you catch pikachu in Pokemon Blue version?
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How does Pikachu walk with you in Pokemon Blue version?

Pikachu does not walk with its trainer in the blue version. Only in the yellow version does it walk by its trainer.

Pokemon Yellow catch pekachu?

you can not catch a pikachu in yellow, but you can get it from blue or red. The only pikachu you get in yellow is the one you start with.

How do Pokemon walk with you in blue version?

They don't. In Pokémon Yellow version, the Pikachu follows you.

What version of Pokemon have three region?

Yellow is Pikachu. Red is Rachu. Blue is......

How do you catch Ho-oh on Pokemon Blue version?

This is completely impossible.

What Pokemon are different in Pokemon Red and blue?

there are a lot to mention but I'll give some. in Pokemon Yellow you can have Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle all at the same time where in Red and Blue you can only have one. Meowth is not wild in the Yellow version but can be caught in the Blue version.

Where can you catch Ekons in Pokemon Blue?

Ekans cannot be caught in Pokemon Blue version. You need to trade one from Pokemon Red. Similarly, Sandshrew is exclusive to Pokemon Blue.

What happens after you catch mewtwo in Pokemon Blue version?

There's nothing left for you to do.

How catch venusaur in Pokemon Blue version?

you cant catch venusaur in Pokemon blue you pick at the start of the game out of charmander bulbesaur and squirtle if you want venusaur you pick bulbesaur

How do you find missingno in pokemon Sapphire?

You can't catch him on that game, but you can catch him in Blue or Red version.

If you evolve Pikachu in yellow will it still follow you?

You cannot evolve Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow, unless you trade it to a red or blue version, and give it a thunderstone there. Once you get it back it will not follow you.

How do you get Pikachu in Pokemon Blue?

Viridian Forest