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all you do is get the national dex, talk to professor oak and he will let you pick one of the three johto starter pokemon.

get every Pokemon in the national pokedex and show prof. oak. then you can pick between it, cindaquill, and todadile.

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Trade bayleef from colosseum then breed it.

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Q: Where do you catch chikorita in Pokemon FireRed?
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Where do you find a Chikorita Pokemon FireRed?

Chikorita cannot be caught in Pokemon FireRed. However, you can catch a Bayleef in Pokemon Colosseum, transfer it into FireRed, and breed it to get a Chikorita egg.

Do you need to complete the national dex to get a chikorita in Pokemon FireRed?

you have to catch 151 Pokemon and then go to professor oak . He will ask you to take one Pokemon from the three Pokemon , the Pokemon are chikorita , cyndaquil and totdile.

How do you catch a chicoreta in Pokemon FireRed?

you cant you have to trade with a friend who has emerald or XP you can only get a chikorita by trading

Where do you get tododilecyndaquiland chikorita on Pokemon FireRed?

You cant.

How do you catch a cronaw in Pokemon FireRed?

You need to complete the kanto pokedex, after this Prof. Oak give you one of this pokemon's: Chikorita, Totodile (evolves into croconaw) or Cyndaquil.

Where can you find chikorita cindaquil and totodile in Pokemon FireRed?

You cant.

How do you catch todotile in Pokemon FireRed?

To get a Totodile in FireRed you must trade it over from Emerald version. To get the Totodile in Emerald you must first complete the Hoenn PokeDex and you will be given a choice of three Pokemon: Totodile, Cindiquil and Chikorita.

What Pokemon is number 152 in Pokemon firered?

The 152nd Pokemon is Chikorita.

How do you get cindyquiltotodile and chikorita in Pokemon FireRed?

You cant.You can only get Pokemon from Sapphire ,Ruby,and leafgreen for that.

How do you get Chikorita Totodile and Cyndaquil in Pokemon LeafGreen and Firered?

trade or hack i think?^^

How can you catch chikorita Pokemon Diamond?

You can't you have to migrate

Can you just catch 200 Pokemon on your national pokedex to get chikorita cyndaquil or totodile?

Answering "Can you just catch 200 Pokemon on your national pokedex to get chikorita cyndaquil or totodile?" Hell no!