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In the cliff cave in cianwood city

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Q: Where do you catch a misdreavus in heartgold?
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Where do you catch Misdreavus in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can catch a Misdreavus on Mt. Silver, The Cliff Cave, or the Safari Zone (has special requirements).

How do you catch a misdreivis in HeartGold?

Yes you can catch a Misdreavus in the Safari Zone Swamp or Forest Area (I don't really remember).

What level does misdreavus evolve in heartgold?

Misdreavus doesn't evolve

How do you catch a misdreavus in Pokemon Diamond?

ucant catch misdreavus in diamond

Where to catch misdreavus?

you catch misdreavus in solaceon town in the lost tower south of the Pokemon centre

Where do you catch catch misdreavus?

misdreavus, usually comes about when you start to cause mischief

How do you get a misdreavus in Pokemon HeartGold?

Safari Zone, Mt. Silver

How does misdreavus evolve Pokemon HeartGold?

Give it a dusk stone.

How do you catch misdreavus on Pokemon diamond?

You can only obtain Misdreavus by trade. Misdreavus is a Pearl exclusive. Instead you can catch seven to eight am you can catch wild gengars and lopunnys and swinub.chuching $$$$$$$ i went and upgraded the question.

Where do you catch Misdreavus in Pokemon Silver?

You can find a Misdreavus at Mt. Silver during the nighttime.

How do you catch a misdreavus in platinum?

Misdreavus must be traded from DP, HG or SS as it is not found in Platinum.

Where can you catch misdrevus on diamond?

Well, you have to have Pokemon Pearl. So, if you only have Diamond, you can't catch Misdreavus. Misdreavus can be found in Eterna Forest and/or the Lost Tower