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Tropius is available through the pokewalker, Big Forest Route which is unlocked after 40000 watts have been collected.

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Q: Where do you catch Tropius in Heart Gold and Soul Silver?
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How do you catch tropius in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can get Tropius in Heart Gold by the Pokewalker Tree House Routw or trade it from Saphire, Ruby or Emerald. Hop this helps :)

Can you catch mew in heart gold or soul silver?


Where do you catch moltres in heart gold?

Deep in Mt Silver

How do you get Groundon in Pokemon heart gold?

You Can't! in Soul Silver you can but in gold you catch Kyogre

How do you catch a Charmander in diamond?

trade from soul silver or heart gold

Where to get arceus in soul silver and heart gold?

you first catch celebi

How do you catch growlithe in soul silver?

You can't. Trade it from Heart Gold.

How do you catch celbi in heart gold?

celbi cannot be cached on Pokemon heart gold and soul silver to get celbi in gold and silver you haft to cheat sorry:( not god at English

How do you catch a donphan in SoulSilver?

You unfortunately can't catch it on Soul Silver, only on Heart Gold.

Pokemon HeartGold differences from SoulSilver?

in heart gold you see Ho-oh first soul silver lugia first heart gold has a different starting screen with ho-oh in it soul silver has lugia in the starting screen heart gold lets you catch Kygore and latias soul silver lets you catch groudon and latios heart gold lets you catch growlith, caterpie and spinarak soul silver has vulpix, weedle and ledyba.

What do you do with the poke ball in heart gold and soul silver?

you catch Pokemon stupid

Where do you catch Groudon in heart gold?

you can't you can only get it in Pokemon soul silver