Where do you buy boots on runescape?

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2010-08-13 21:04:50

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boots..canfis shop has decorative boots otherwise I think armored boots are monster drops

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2010-08-13 21:04:50
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Q: Where do you buy boots on runescape?
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Can you buy leather boots on runescape?

You can buy them from Thessalia in Varrock.

How do you get desert boots on runescape?

Buy it in the Grand Exchange

What boots can you dye on RuneScape?

There are no boots you can dye, the boots you see colored are from a Runescape town called Canifis. The boots there are members only.

What do you call shoes on runescape?


How do you get fancy boots on RuneScape?

1. Get Enough money to support this idea 2. Can buy or obtain boots from many different runescape resources such as the dungeon of security were can get colorful boots for free 3. Can buy infinity boots (mage) 4. Can boy dragon boots (melee) 5. Can obtain high power melee boots. i think he means fancy boots from security stronghold in barbarian village? if you do mean that you need 2 go thru all the levels of the stronghold of securtiy in barb vilage

Are dragon boots any good in runescape?

Yes, dragon boots are the fourth best melee boots in Runescape. Steadfast boots, Torva boots and Bandos boots are all better melee boots than dragon boots. Dragon boots are a very cheap alternative to those boots, as they can be very expensive and dragon boots are very cheap.

Is there such thing as armadyl boots in runescape?

yes there is they are the best ranged boots in the game

Where do you get rainbow boots on runescape?

You can get the boots by completing the "Stronghold of Security" Mini-game.

How do you get the RuneScape climbing boots?

To wear you must have beaten Death Plateu. You can buy it at the Tenzing in Death Plateu. Wore for strength bonus.

How do you race on RuneScape?

You need to visit that guy in Al Kharid, Buy some race boots+Market plants, Find a clan and stuff.

Where can you get iron gloves on runescape?

No but if your a member you can get iron boots.

How to get boots of lightness in runescape?

Do Temple of Ikov quest.

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