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You go to the shop that has the dude in it you click buy then you will see the dresser if it doesn't show it then you have to wait for each week to see if its there because new stuff comes each weak

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Q: Where do you buy a wardrobe for Sims 2 DS?
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Sims 2 computer how do you buy a wardrobe?

in the mode with the three dots. theres a little icon that looks like a wardrobe. happy simming.

Where do you buy a phone on The Sims 2 Pets DS?

In the electronics are in the store :)

How do you do woo hoo on sims 2 ds?

You cant the sims 2 for ds is only for running a hotel if you wanna woohoo on sims 2 then it best you buy it for psp and PC but u can only have a baby on PC version

How can you change your sims cloths on sims 2 pets?

A wardrobe :)

Do sims get married on The Sims 2 castaways for the ds?

your sims can't get married in the sims 2 Castaway for the DS.

Why is it when I buy clothes in The Sims 2 Double Deluxe I never get them?

you have to buy a wardrobe on the buy should be able to get then when you click set everyday clothes.-Shadow

Can you get merred on sims 2 for ds?

sadly no, you can't get married in the sims 2 for the DS

Can you have babys on sims 2 ds?

no, you can't have any children on the sims 2 for the DS

Can sims get married on sims 2 for ds?

nope, not on the DS version.

How do you get people to buy from your store on the sims 2?

if its for the ds than i dont think they can buy anything but they can go into the store!!!

How do you put your clothes on on sims 2 double deluxe without taking a shower?

i dont have it but can u not just buy a wardrobe??

Can you get married on The Sims 2 ds?

Nope, And you cant have kids on the Ds Sims.