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u have 2 buy the deady toy and look on the tag and there will be ur code then enter ur code and then you'll be able to get deady in the book of lore :D

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Q: Where do you buy a deady toy from aqw?
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What is the AQW deady code?

If you want to know, buy the toy!

How do you get a pet on aqw?

Pets are mainly member only,unless you buy somthing like the deady vynal doll.

Where can you buy AQW card clasher toy in the philippines?

You can Buy them at Toys R us

What 's the code for Deady in AQWorlds?

You have to buy Deady from Hero Mart in order to get the code.

Where is deady pet code on aqw?

the code is used, but u can still repeat it! Code: 9123J84SS, if it dose't work sent me email, to solve the ploplem, :(

If anyone has a deady toy and doesnt play aqworlds can you give the code to me?

I don't know either.

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