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You can get them from wal-mart,zellers or the flea market

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Q: Where do you buy Yu-gi-oh cards in Vancouver Bc.?
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Where do you get roblox bc cards?

You can find ROBLOX BC Cards at Gamestop , Walmart , CVS/pharmacy , Best buy , Target , or Toyss 'R' us. I hope this answered your question...

How do you renew your Builders club in roblox?

Buy more cards or pay online. If you have money on your account you can add 45 days to bc

Does your bc on Roblox ever expire?

Yes, unless you buy lifetime BC.

What do Roblox cards do?

All ROBLOX Cards - 25$, 10$, and 40$ will be put in a balance, you can see that by going to the Builders Club tab. Lets say you wanted to get 12 Months OBC, that cost 129.99$. If you bought 5 25$ Cards, and a 10$ card, you would have 135$ in your balance, and you could easily buy it with the balance you have! The card with the value on the package is how much you get, and it adds up, untill you spend it all. Cool right? MORE INFO ---------------- 10$ ROBLOX Cards - If you don't have BC, 800, for BC members, 1,000 ROBUX. Or 1 month BC. There is also a credit card offer called "The 1 cent offer" that gives you an extra month of Builders Club if you pay an extra cent on your credit card. 25$ ROBLOX Cards - Basically the same as above, just go to the buy robux page and you can see how much ROBUX you can buy with 25$, I think you can also get 2 months Builder's Club with this. 40$ ROBLOX Cards - I personally have never had this card before, but its basically the same thing as the other cards, they give very similar privaleges, you can find out on your own. ----------------- coolkid437, Veteran ROBLOX user.

How do you get roblox money for free?

You can't. You can buy with a credit card or paypal. Or you can buy BC and get money. Or you can exchange tickets.

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