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editAfter you get sent to Deadtree by the Rossum guy the old meeting house is opened up. Before that its locked. Go in and walk up all the way and go in to the door on the left. When you go in there will be two doors, one to your right and one to your left. The one on your left is the bathroom and the one on the right is a grave yard. Go into the grave yard and watch for Zombies they scare you and some of you sanity drops. Go to the right and keep going until your all the way to the right at the last row of graves. Walk across and the right one should say dig under one of the options. (Its the only one with the option dig up, so you dont have to examine every one.) Then leave the graveyard and go into the Nighthowl Saloon. Then go up to Annie Howell the girl with the blonde pigtails and give it to her.

Edited to remove spoiler at the end as there is no need for the spoiler

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Q: Where do I dig up the Sims 2 Nervous Subject Charm on Sims 2 PSP?
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