Best Answer has any Sonic soundtrack you want. :)

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Q: Where could you download the Sonic Unleashed soundtrack for free?
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Do they sell sonic unleashed toys and where?

On Ebay probably. You could have got a Werehog toy if you preordered Sonic Unleashed

How much money could you get for sonic unleashed at gamestop?

If your talking trade ins they are not that good at about $4.00

Why did Sonic get killed in Sonic 2006?

Mephiles "killed" Sonic, so he could release the Flames of Disaster which were sealed inside Elise. The Flames were unleashed due to Elise crying.

Does sonic unleashed come out in November?

yes from what i have hered it is out November 1st but they could change it u never no

Where can you download force unleashed demo PC?

You could look in google and search or get a user in steam where you could download the full version by buying it

Where can you get Sonic the Hedgehog downloads?

you have to download a program named ares and you could down load a bunch of sonic the hedgehog songs for free

On what site can you make a Sonic game?

There is no site like that. But you could get gamemaker on but you have to download it.

How do you download Sonic the Hedgehog tracks?

you could try soah city (shadow of a hedgehog)

Where could you download the Adventures of sonic the hedgehog episodes?

all 4 types of sonic tv shows are on this web site! but there are no torrents tho

How many gb will it take to download the full version of stars wars force unleashed on the Xbox 360?

you can't download Star Wars: Force Unleashed from xbox live market place, only the demo, and even if you could it would say before downloading it.

How do you download sonic the hedgehog the next gen?

You can't and even if you could, I don't think computers can handle all that a Xbox360 or a PS3 can.

When you can download the half life 1 soundtrack without paying or becoming a member?

Anybody can currently do so; if you knew how to use google correctly you could do it in about ten minutes.