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well you can get a similar on at

http:/ or just get it on your mobile phone or if u have gamecube buy the game and play it that

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Q: Where can you play surviving high school the game on the computer?
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What is anonline game where you are a guy in high school?

the game is called surviving high school.

When was Surviving High School created?

Surviving High School was created on 2005-04-30.

What you a game like surviving high school for the ipod touch?

Cause of death

For what platforms is the game 'Surviving High School' available?

Surviving High School is available on Apple's iOS system. It is also available on Google's Android system. It has not been released on anything else as of this time.

How do you get surviving high school episodes for free on android?

Connect your phone to your computer . Go to search in google : Download surviving high school episodes . Then click on whichever link you want . Once you have downloaded , open your files in your phone on the computer . Find surviving high school (folder) open it , drag the episodes you download from the net . Drag in it . Then eject your phone . Turn your phone off then turn it on again

Which of these is a synonym of the word ephemeral in surviving high school?

"Temporary" is a synonym of the word ephemeral in surviving high school.

If you buy surviving high school 08 will I be charged monthly?

No; it's just a one-time fee for any game you buy.

How do you beat surviving high school 9.5?

You don't...

Is there a site for Surviving high school?

yes go to www. having a hard in high school. com

What is officer montes password in surviving high school?


What is Jessica's password in surviving high school?

Her password is totes.

How do you be a girl in surviving high school?

Buy "Homecoming Queen".