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You search the name and see if the one ( I don't think so because I've never heard of Lady GooGoo unless you mean Lady GaGa)

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Q: Where can you play lady googoo dressup game?
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How do you get on moshi games and play lady goo goo dress up?

You can no longer play it as lady gaga banned the game as the moshling is called lady googoo so sad :( Good Luck :( From The person who made that game

Where can you play lady googoo dress up?

go online

How do you catch Lady Googoo in the Moshling Garden on Moshi Monsters?

You can't get Lady GooGoo in your garden. You have to become a paid Moshi Member, head to the volcano, and play Super Moshi Mission 1 to get Lady Googoo when you complete the mission.

What is the new 5th mission on Moshi Monsters?

It's called "Pop Goes The GooGoo". Here's how to do it. Go to the Volcano and click the mission. Click on Buster Bumblechops. Talk to him. He will take you to Growl Mansion. Talk to Simon Growl. Tell him Cheryl Troll's mansion is way bigger than yours. Click the door. Find her things and give them to her. Click the mobile. Talk to Lady GooGoo. Click the photo Lady GooGoo is pointing to and take it. Your now at the Underground Disco. Show the guy standing by the door the picture. Now talk to him. Say there's a strange looking paparazzo. Talk to the little moshling that says he/she can help. Go through the door. Play the little Simon says game. It sings Lady GooGoo's song! Go through the passageway. Click the camera. Click the robo ducks to shoot them. Talk to the camera. Click on Holga. She will give Lady GooGoo's voice back. Talk to Lady GooGoo. Click on Holga. Click Keep It. Tell the Super moshi guy what happened. Go to your zoo and Holga will be there.

Is Lady Gaga going to shut down moshi monsters?

No, Lady Gaga does not play Moshi Monsters. She is very busy and Moshi Monster is for kids.

How do you level up to level 1 on i dressup?

Earn "Experience" by doing different activities on i-dressup! Sometimes the games you can play give Experience but if not you could comment on the game that will give you some Experience. But there is a down side on Experience you can only earn so much a day! Also with the "i-dressup toolbar" you get "Free Experience" every day! Hope this helps! My i-dressup account name is: Pinkgirl54321 Add meh!

How do you play Lady Gaga on the computer?

Download or buy a Game, With 'Lady Gaga' on it.

Why did Lady Gaga choose that game?

because she wanted to play a love game

How do you get money quickly on i-dressup?

Well, here are some ways you can get icoins (money) on i-dressup:Download the i-dressup toolbar, plus its really fast and easy!Go to the Gameway and play any game you want and you can get up to 50 icoins per day. (friendly advice here, i would recommend the game where you pop the bubbles, you'll see it)I think that's all for now because since i-dressup got updated, I'm not familiar with all the ways you can get icoins but I hope that you do! :)

Can you play lady goo goo dress up game?

no you can not

Can you play Lady Goo Goo dress up Game if you are not a member or you do not have Lady Goo Goo?


How do you get lady goo goo on moshi monsters code?

Type in the code correctly with no mistakes in the box third from above on the 'Moshi Monsters - Sign In' page, where it says "If you have a secret code, you can enter it here: " When you reach your house, Lady GooGoo should be there.