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Inside the Fairy Rings (mushroom rings) on the flower isles. I usually have the most luck on petal or stem isle for big discoveries like that!

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Q: Where can you mine 5 chunks of Amber in HorseIsle 2?
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An apple treat. :)

Where do you get an art kit on HorseIsle 2?

I only know there is one in Narrowed, at the tool shop. I bought mine there too.

Where is LadyTreasure on HorseIsle 2?

m sure shes on either amber sands or, most likely, one of the jungle isles. search her up in a city hall

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It is impossible to hack HorseIsle 2, as well as strictly illegal.

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No. Horse Isle and Horse Isle 2 are flash web-based games.

Where is HorseIsle Workbook treasure number 2?

HorseIsle workbook number 2 is under the Hoof Isle fountain.

Where to find the eye of Georgia in HorseIsle 2?

Head to Amber Sands Isle and talk to BandanaSon in his hut and he will say he threw it into the cacti outside his house. You will have to rake it to find it. (His hut will be the one closest to the marble slide game.)

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