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well there is a game that you can create a character but if you mean platforms like wii and stuff then go to Google and type in create a dbz character

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Q: Where can you make your own DBZ character?
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Will they have a dbz budokai tenkaichi 4?

There are rumors that they will and there also rumors that you can make your own character!

How do you make a Dragonball Z character?

The best way to create a DBZ character is to learn how to draw the DBZ characters. Then,you can probably send it to Akira Toriyama or DBZ's company and ask them to display it in a Shonen Jump comic or magazine.

Where on the internet can you create your own Dragon Ball Z character?

Well, there's a dress up dragonball z game that you can dress almost all dbz (dragonball z=dbz) characters plus naruto, to make a silly person!

Who is Nel?

DBZ Character.

Will dbz budokai tenkaichi 4 come with custom characters which means build your own dbz characters?

There will not be a Tenkaichi 4 but there will be a game called Dragonball Raging Blast coming out November 10, 2009 and I dont think it has build your own character stuff, if your talking about character add-on then I'm sure they have that.

Is there a s there a DBZ game where you can create your own character yet?

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi for XBOX 360 and PS3.

Who is the most popular character in dbz?

Vegeta or gokuits character and its goku

How to build a character in dbz raging blast?


Who is the weakest character in dbz bt 3?


Is Goten a filler character in dbz?

No he is gokus son

Who is the strongest unfused character in dbz?

its probably gohan, he hasn't fused with anybody its his own spirit, but it doesnt mean hes the strongest overall. your welcome

When is Gogeta going to make an appearance in DBZ Kai?

Gogeta will not be making a debut in DBZ Kai, as Dragon Ball Z Kai is based on Dragon Ball Z by Akira Toriyama. Gogeta is a fanmade character.