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email me and we will talk about it

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Q: Where can you get webkinz trading cards series 4 in annandale?
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Which series of Webkinz Trading Cards has the best prizes?

Series 2.........

How do you make purple slipers on Webkinz?

get them from trading cards series #4

Where do you find webkinz trading cards?

You can get Webkinz trading cards in most stores where Webkinz are sold.

What are trading cards on webkinz?

Trading cards on Webkinz are little packets of cards you buy at Hallmark or any gift store. Then you get to your house and you log in the code in your Webkinz account to get a gift.

Where can you find free Webkinz?

when you get trading cards there might be a free webkinz card in it!!!!

Should you buy webkinz trading cards?

Do not get the trading cards get kinz style or the figures the codes are junk

Where do you get binders for your trading cards on webkinz?

You can buy Trading Card Binders at the Wshop:)

What are all the webkinz trading cards?

um, stores.

How do you get slips on Webkinz?

Slips come from trading cards so go get some cards

How many magical retrievers are in each Webkinz trading cards box?


How do you see your Webkinz trading card album on Webkinz?

you put it in your room and then you change it to walk and you click on it.then you get to see your cards.

How do you make Webkinz beds?

Type in the user name meezrmd in the "add" place to add that member to your friends list. You will get ALL SORTS of super beds.