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YYEESS(DA).Torchic is in Blue Pokemon mystery dungeon game.HE IS IN JOYOUS TOWER AND OTHER (99) floored dungeons (for now stay wth joyous tower

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Q: Where can you get torchic in Pokemon reque team?
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What is a good Pokemon team for Pokemon emerald with torchic?

Torchick is a good Pokemon if you train it right anything should work

What type of Pokemon is Torchic?

Torchic is a Fire type pokemon.

What is the last Pokemon on the list when you start your game on Pokemon red rescue team?

it depends the last Pokemon on the list will be mudkip, or torchic.

What is a good starting team in Pokemon sapphire?

the Pokemon you like the most. either torchic or mudkip cause treeco messes up your whole team

What is the best Pokemon emerald team with Torchic as starter?

-Azumarill -Magnetric -Breelom -(A flying pokemon) -(a normal, fighter or psychic)

How do you catch a torchic in Pokemon glazed?

You can't catch torchic in pokemon glazed yet.

How do you start as torchic on Pokemon Blue rescue team?

If you are a boy you have to be the hasty type. If you are a girl you have to be the sassy type.

How do you get a torchic in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have to trade it from Pokemon ruby or sapphire.You cannot get a Torchic in Pokemon Leaf Green. The game is played only in the Kanto region, and since Torchic is in the Hoenn region, you cannot get torchic in Leaf Green.

Where do you catch torchic in Pokemon indigo?

You can catch Torchic in the Lavaridge Town Gym in Pokemon Indigo.

Where can you find a Torchic egg in Pokemon Platinum?

no you can't find a torchic egg in Pokemon platinum

How do you get a torchic in pokemon pearl?

Torchic is a fire type of Pokemon. The only way to get one of them in Pokemon Pearl version is to trade it.

Where do you find torchic in Pokemon platinum?

you go to stark mountain talk to tam galactic and be in their team and they will give you 1