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You can't and shouldn't. Just buy it authentically

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Q: Where can you get the full game of minecraft for PC free?
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Is Minecraft for the PC free?

No, Minecraft, the full version, is not free. It costs $26.95 US dollars. However, they do offer a demo version for the PC, and classic (which isn't too much like the full game, demo is more like the full game).

Where can one find the full version of the MineCraft game?

The full version of the Minecraft game can be purchased from Minecraft's own website, and is available for PC and Mac, as well as Android and iOS systems.

Do you have to pay for Minecraft PC?

If you want the full version then yes it is around 17 pounds, however you can get an extremely outdated and classic version of the game for free, you can download the game from

How do you download max Payne PC game full version for free?

You can download Max payne game for pc free full verion from

How do you get Minecraft for PC?

Visit, where you can play the demo version or purchase the full game.

How can you download minecraft PC game for free?

You can play the old version free here but the new version you have to buy.

Is minecraft free for PC?


How do you download a full version PC game for free?


How much does Minecraft cost to buy?

The current price for Minecraft is $21.95. There is currently a 25% discount for Minecraft beta. Once the full release is up, the game will charge full price. (People who already bought the game get the full version free.)

Is there a free download of Minecraft for the PC?

Leaglly, no. If you want to play a free version of minecraft legally, the official Minecraft website ( hosts an edition of Minecraft called Classic. Its a great alternative if you can't afford to buy the game.

What is the different between minecraft PC and PC demo?

The PC Demo lasts 5 in-game days (1 hour 20 mins) and the PC full version lasts forever

Can you get Minecraft on PC?

Yes, go the Minecraft website (if you have full/ bought Minecraft) and sign in. Then click on download and head to the PC download.