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in solaceon town

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Q: Where can you get ponyta in Pokemon platinum?
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When does ponyta evolve in Pokemon platinum?

A Ponyta evolves on level 40.

When do you evolve ponyta on Pokemon platinum?

Ponyta evolves in lvl 40 in a Rapidash.

What level does Ponyta evolve in Pokemon Platinum?

Ponyta evolves at level 40.

Pokemon Platinum when does ponyta evolve?

Ponyta evolves into Rapidash, starting at level 40.

Pokemon platinum where you find ponyta?

route 206

Where do you get a ponyta on Pokemon platinum?

you can get it beatwin velistone to pastoria

Houndour is better or ponyta in Pokemon platinum?

i think so.

What level does PONYTA evolve in Platinum?

Ponyta evolves to Rapidash at Level 40 in just about every Pokemon game. :)

What level does ponyta evoled in Pokemon platinum?

it evolves at lvl. 40

What level does ponyta evovle in Pokemon platinum?

it evolves at level 40

On Pokemon platinum what is he cross between ponyta and monferno in a egg from the babysiter?

It depends on which one is the female. If ponyta is the female, it will be a ponyta with monferno's moves. If monferno is the female, it will be a chimchar with ponyta's moves.

Where can you catch a blue Ponyta in Pokemon Platinum?

Do not have a clue, maybe you can trade with someone for it