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Roaming pokemon like entei raikou are everywere,just chec your pokegear.

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Q: Where can you get legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?
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What is the Main legendary in Pokemon Crystal?


What is the first legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

its suicune, the water type dog

What legendary Pokemon can you get in Pokemon Crystal?

suicune, entei, raikou, 3 legendary dogs. then the birds, ho oh, lugia

Who is the best legendary dog Pokemon?

suicune is top legendary dog just play Pokemon crystal and you'll see.

On crystal version what legendary Pokemon is in the whirl islands?


What legendary Pokemon do you get in Pokemon Crystal?

You can get lugia, ho oh, entei, suicune and raikou

Easy way to get all the legendary dogs on Pokemon crystal?

catch them

Can you catch the legendary dogs at night in Pokemon crystal?

yes if you can find them

Is there an Articuno in Pokemon Crystal?

No there is not a Articuno in Crystal version butt there is the 3 legendary dogs and ho oh and lugia

In Pokemon crystal what happens if you catch all three legendary Pokemon?

You are stronger of cource by pecy Jackson

Are Pokemon Gold and pokemob crystal the same?

Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Crystal are very similar, but not the same. In Pokemon Crystal, you encounter the Legendary Beasts, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, at the same time, but you only actually battle Suicune.

How do you catch the legendary birds in Pokemon crystal?

just using a cheat. haha