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Q: Where can you get glovepie scripts for the wiimote?
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Can you get help with glovePIE?

Hey if you need help with GlovePie you can email me at and ill try help you with what you need to know or if you want me to make scripts for you i will be pleased to so send me an email if you want me to help if you would rather learn from someone better theirs always tutorials on youtube =]

What input device is user programmable?

most/all input devices are with a software called glovepie.

How do you make a wireless Wii guitar work?

Simply open the back compartment, plug a Wiimote in(same spot as the nunchuck), place the wiimote into the compartment, and close it. The Wiimote won't fit with the protective sleeve grip if you have it. The wiimote also has to be synchronized to the Wii.

What do you do if your Wiimote doesn't work?

you pee on it

Can you hook a wiimote to a Game Boy advance?


How do you get a Wii remote to be the main remote?

Take off the battery cover on the Wiimote and open the little cover on the wii on the face and press both red buttons for a couple of seconds. and.... WHA-LA!!! The second/third/forth wiimote has turned into the first wiimote.

Why does the remote flash blue on the wii?

The flashing blue lights on the wiimote means the wiimote is sending a signal to find and synchronize with a local Wii console. Whenever the wiimote does not find a powered-on wii console that it is synchronized to, the wiimote will only flash blue lights for a short time. Only when the wiimote connects to a Wii console will the flashing stop and keep one light on to indicate what player the wiimote is controlling. Furthermore the flashing lights also indicate how much battery life remains. Four flashing lights indicates full battery life while one flashing light means very low battery life.

What do you get with the Wii?

you get wii sports, a wiimote and nunchuck, and that's it.

In Super Smash Bros. brawl how do you glide?

press c (wiimote) y or x(Gamecube controller or Classic controler)D-pad up(Wiimote alone)

What are the ways to sync a Wiimote with the console?

you can click the home button and use wii remote settings and reconnect. you can also hold the red button down on your wiimote and wii.

How do you block shurikens on Naruto clash of ninja revolution?

Gamecube-up on c-stick Wiimote only- simply shake the wiimote Wiimote and nunchuck- shake the nunchuck

How do you work my Wii?

you wiimote probably not connected so that's why