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My back yard

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Q: Where can you get a shiny stone in Pokemon black 2?
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Where to find a shiny stone in Pokemon black 2?

route 1

Who evolves with a shiny stone?

2 different Pokemon evolve through shiny stone evee (spelled it wrong) and any other shiny Pokemon put2 and2 togather here people! shiny Pokemon evolve from shiny stone every Pokemon exept ledgends

Where do you get a shiny stone in Pokemon black or white 2?

One way is to go to charge stone cave and use a max repel and search

When does minun evolve?

In both Pokemon Black and White, and Black 2 White 2, a Mincinno can only be evolved to a Cinccino, when a Shiny Stone is used. A Shiny Stone can be found at Route 6 or Dragonspiral Tower, in both Pokemon Black and White, and Black 2 and White 2.

Is it easy to catch shiny in Pokemon black 2?


What is the Shiny Charm in Pokemon Black and White 2?

It increases the chance of finding shiny pokemon. How much is currently unknown.

Where do you get zoarork in Pokemon black?

Get shiny Raikou, shiny Enti, and Shiny Sucuine (in your party) and then go 2 lostlorn forest

How does minccino evolve on Pokemon white 2?

Give it a Shiny Stone. C Dawg

What Pokemon can evovle from a shiny stone Pokemon pearl?

There are only 2 evolutions: Togetic---->Togekiss Roselia---->Roserade ^^

Where can you find two fire stone in Pokemon Black 2?

in pokemon black and white

Where do you find the magma stone in Pokemon white?

You can only find a Magma Stone in Pokemon Black 2, White 2, Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. It is not available in Pokemon Black and White.

How can get the shiny stone in Pokemon Crystal?

You can't evolve Togetic in Pokemon Crystal as Shiny stones did not exist in Crystal. Togekiss was also introduced in Gen4. Crystal is Gen 2?