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where i found my mime jr. was where you just got out of Solaceon town and up north route 210 just out of Solaceon town up the hill to the right that where i found mine without even trying Lol gotta catch em aLL!! have a good pokemon group peace out!!

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Q: Where can you get a mime jr in Pokemon diamond?
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Is mime jr the Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

There is no mime jr. on Pokemon pearl. On diamond there is mime jr. on Pokemon pearl there is bonsly

Where to get mr. mime in Pokemon diamond?

i got a mime jr. at the trophy garden but they are rare, you can evolve mime jr. by knowing mimic.

What Pokemon can you get in diamond that you cant get on pearl?

only dialga but mime jr is in a different place

What type of Pokemon is Mime Jr?

Mime Jr. is a Psychic type pokemon.

Where do you find pokodex number 122 on Pokemon diamond?

Mr.Mime evolve it from mime jr. Mime jrs can be found in the trophy garden.

How can Mime Jr learn Teeter Dance in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Make a Mr Mime or Mime Junior have sex with a Pokemon that knows teeter dance and pull out the egg with a mime junior knowing teeter dance.

What is difference between Pokemon pearl and diamond?

you get different Pokemon for example you can only get bonsly,glamiow and palkia on pearl and Dialga, Mime Jr and somthing else on diamond

What level does mime jr. evolve?

it dose not mime jr. and mr. mime are different pokemon-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No. He evolves after learning mimic.:)

Where do you to catch a mime jr in Pokemon perarl?

To get a Mime Jr. in Pokemon diamond/pearl, you first must have caught a Mr.Mime and ditto. You then leave the two in the day-care for a while, walk around and it will speed up the process. You will then receive an egg from the Day-care man and you walk around for like 8000-12000 steps aprox. and it will hatch into a Mime Jr.

How do you get Mime Jr myer?

You can find Mime jr in trophy garden after you got the national dex but its only caught in Platinum not Diamond.

How do you get mime jr in Pokemon HeartGold?

this Pokemon does not exist in the game leafgreen leafgreen is a Third Generation game and the Pokemon mime jr only exists in the Fourth Generation games (Pokémon Pearl / Diamond).

What does mime jr evolve into on Pokemon Blue?

Mime Jr. doesn't exist in blue. It's evolved form, Mr. Mime, does and you must trade for it.