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well so far i have found one trainer he is in the victory road between the three rivers, they are the first ones u come by, the trainer has also absol, and dont remember the first one, but if u can get him, i can trade u one, with reaper cloth and he'll evolve to that, email me at

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Q: Where can you find trainers who have a dusknoir in platinum?
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What trainer has a dusknoir in Pokemon Platinum?

You have to go to victory road (The cave you have to go in to get to the Pokemon league) And one of the trainers has it.I believe near the surfing area.

Can dusknoir learn punishment in Pokemon platinum?

i do not have that in my database, no dusknoir cannot learn punishment.

How can you get the pokedex data on froslass electivire tangrowth dusknoir etc?

Froslass is from the ice gym, electivire is from electric gym, tangrowth and dusknoir are from trainers

How do you catch Dusknoir in Diamond Pearl and Platinum?

You cannot catch a Dusknoir. You can only get one by trading a Dusclops with a reaper cloth.

Who has dusknoir in Pokemon platinum?

I think its Bertha of the Elite four.

What Pokemon is number 191-Pokemon Platinum?

In Platinum dex' its Dusknoir in National dex' its Sunkern.

Where do you find a Dusknoir in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't. You need to evolve it from Dusclops by trading it to another player while it is holding a Reaper Cloth.

Were do you find lv60s in platinum?

go to buck's house. trainers over there are lv60 and above.

How can you get dusknoir?

you cant because hes only on diamond, pearl or platinum sry :(

What are buck's Pokémon in Pokemon Platinum?

Shuckle, Dusknoir, Torkoal, Umbreon, and Claydol.

How do you get your Dusknoir to bring you to the spirit world in Pokemon platinum?

you can't, why would you think that

What do you do with the reaper cloth in Pokemon Platinum?

You give it to Dusclops and trade it and it will evolve into Dusknoir.