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The box art font is custom as far as I know.

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Q: Where can you find the the world ends with you font?
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What font does ghost adventures use?

the font is the font begins in b and has astar in it and ends with d

Where can one find a font creator?

One can find a font creator in several different variations. One can find font creators through software or applications, and they can be both free or paid, some of these are: PC World, and iFontMaker.

How do I get rid of my codes showing on my about me section on my MySpace profile?

You might have to end the code that is showing with </>. Like the layout code starts with <style> and ends with </style>. A clickable link starts with <a href=...> and ends with </a>. A font code starts with <font> and ends with </font>. Everything has a beginning and an end. <div></div>, <center></center>, <object></object>.

Dave Matthews Band song when the world?

I believe what you are trying to find is the song 'When The World Ends'.

Where can one find cool old English font?

Old English font is a very popular type of computer font, often found built into your word programs. You can find other types of English font from sites such as Font Space and Urban Fonts.

What font is the halo title?

Fonts are customizable. This is not a font you will find on an ordinary computer.

Where can you find the Pittsburgh Pirates team font?

what font pittsburgh pirates use

What font does the small world ride have?

I do not know but if you want to find out try the Disneyland website, wikipedia, or ask a cast member.

What kind of font appears in World of Warcraft?

The main one is a font called Morpheus.

Would people be hurt when the world ends?

when we find out well tell ya :D

What is em in css?

em is the scale of a font size, 1em is the native size (usually 12pt.)for example, with the statement "font-size:2em;", the font will be twice the size, which is quite large.If you use it twice, such as:Hello World!The font size of "Hello World!" will be 3em.other font sizes you can use are pt and px.

What font is this and where can you find it or something close to it?