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sharkbait in pirates

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Q: Where can you find the red jewel in AQWorlds?
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How do you get the red jewel in aqworlds?

type this /join shadow fall and go to the undead selling evil items (for evil only :( ) and buy the red jewel blade hahaha so very easy

What is the easiest way to get the red jewel in AQWorlds?

The only way to get the red jewel is to fight Sharkbait in Lolosia. A group of people fighting Sharkbait together until you get the jewel would be the easiest way to accomplish this. But if you have the healer class or any other class that can heal, you could attack him and heal yourself when your HP drops.

How many jewels are there to find on Nabooti island?

There are 5 jewels to find on Nabooti Island. # The purple jewel (Blue Nile Falls) # The red jewel (Mountains of the Moon) # The green jewel (Kaya Forests) # The blue jewel (Giza) # The white jewel (Diamond Mines)

Where do you find the cell phone and red jewel on poptropica?

Big nate

Where can find the red jewel in aqworld?

dropped by shark bait in lolosia

Where do you put the red jewel in nabboti?

The red jewel Is found In mountines of the moon.

Where to find a bow in AQWorlds?

I don't think you can find one in aqworlds.

How many diamonds are the for Nabooti island?

There are 5 jewels to find on Nabooti Island.The purple jewel (Blue Nile Falls)The red jewel (Mountains of the Moon)The green jewel (Kaya Forests)The blue jewel (Giza)The white jewel (Diamond Mines)

Where in the cave do you find the red jewel?

hope across all the poles in the cave its at the end

I have red green white and purple jewel where is the last jewel?

1. The purple Jewel.2. Then the Green Jewel.3. Then the Red Jewel.4. Then the White Jewel.5. Then the Blue Jewel.And that is the order of the Jewels.By Tegan

Where can you find the red jewel at adventure quest worlds?

The red jewel is dropped by Sharkbait in Lolosia (/join pirates). Sharkbait can be found by boarding the ship and going to the left. you need a group of people to defeat it

Where do you find the brown jewel on Nabooti Island?

There is no brown jewel on Nabooti Island. The colors are Purple, Green, Red, White, and Blue. (see related question)