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you can find the key to draynor village right under the town circle their should be a "jail symbol" on your main world map right in the center near the bank go in the manhole and follow the path till you see the key right by the smithing anvil.

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Q: Where can you find the key in the draynor village undergro und on runescape?
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On RuneScape where can you find willow?

Draynor Village

On runescape where are tomatoes grown?

You can find tomatoes at the witches house in Draynor Village.

Where do you find aggie on runescape in dranyor village?

Go east of Draynor Bank Behind The Old Wise Man's House, looks for a house with a cauldron in it, you can't miss it.

Where to find an onion patch on runescape?

you can find a onion patch near draynor village just go to the world map and type in draynor village where it says search here. there is also a home teleport for members

Where can you find cheese in taverley in runescape?

There is no cheese in taverly, if it's cheese you are looking for the closest place there is Draynor Village in the witch's house.

Where can you find cheese in RuneScape?

You could either go to Draynor Village and go to Aggie the witch's house and get cheese there or you could go buy it at the Grand Exchange.

Where can you find allotments not in draynor on runescape?

North of Catherby Bank

Where can you find a jug of water on runescape?

Steal it from the wine stall in Draynor

Where can you find a pottery wheel in RuneScape?

Free world: Barbarian Village Crafting guild Draynor Village Members: East Ardougne Rellekka Exam Centre (south east of varrok) Sophanem Reference: Link below

How do you the the 2010 Runescape Halloween event?

Find Magie in south of Draynor village, she has a camp set up and a very distinctive purple color. The Cauldron should be a big giveaway.

In RuneScape where is varrock?

well the easiest way to find this would be open your world map... also u can teleport Specificlly: Varrock is north east of draynor manor. I bit North east of Lumbridge and north east from Falador. Its to the south east of Edgeville and you can consider it as being below the Wilderness. You can also go to Varrack by a canoe. But the canoe actually goes to the barbarian village so you need to walk east. If you want to walk, you just "about" walk north of draynor manor and then you will be at the barbarian village and then walk east from there. To get to draynor manor. You just walk north east from lumby until you reach Draynor village. Draynor manor is north from Draynor village.

Where do you find ernest the chicken in runescape quests?

The top floor of Draynor Manor.