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It is on The Sims 3 website.

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Q: Where can you find the EA download manager in the Sims 3?
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Can Sims 3 be run on its own?

No, not unless you download it from the EA Store using the EA Download Manager.

How can you use EA Download manager to launch Sims 3?

No you need to get a icon on your computer that says sims 3

How do you download the sims 2 store edition for free?

When i brought apartment life from the EA online store and started to download, it gave me the store edition for free so i downloaded that too. well when you buy the sims 3, you get the ea download manager and you have to Microsoft xp service pack 2 and when you open it it will begin to download the sims 2 store edition

Can you download the sims 3?

If you have a PC, you can download it legally from the EA website.

Where you can download the sims 2 university?

at ea games

Where can you download The Sims 2 Body Shop?

You can download this at The Sims 2 Official website by EA Games. The link is listed below and you can find it in the "Help" section of all places!

How do you download ea download manager?

Go to their website. Log in and download it free.

The Sims 3 download?

What's your question? The sims 3 can be downloaded on the ea website.

Can you get ea download manager on a Mac?

No there is no EADM on a mac.

How do you download The Sims 3 to your netbook?

Netbooks do not have Disk Drives, so you would have to plug in an external USB Disk Drive. Then it will be like a normal laptop. Or you can download 'EA Download Manager' Where you can create an account, buy and download the game direct from the internet.

How do you download sims hair?

Find the hair that you want to download, check to see if the mesh is included if it isn't you need to download that first, if it is just click on download when the file opens extract it (using WinZip or WinRar) to EA Games>The Sims 2>Downloads.

How do you get Riverview the neighbourhood in The Sims 3?

you can download i from EA ( it's free